'Agam' perform live in Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad on Thursday, April 12th!

Agam is a contemporary carnatic rock act from Bangalore, India. The band derives its name from the ancient tamil word “agam” which translates to the “inner self” in English. AGAM's music encapsulates the boundless, vibrant emotions of the human psyche. It explores, depicts and contemplates these countless aspirations and sentiments of the inner self.

Their music combines the myriad hues of melodic scales and intricate rhythm structures offered by carnatic music with the aesthetic principles and tonal elegance from western world. Their music also reflects the soulfulness in sufi music and the power of rock.

Agam was chosen as the best band in South India by Oscar Award winning Indian musician - A R Rahman


Harish Sivaramakrishnan - vox/violin
A trained carnatic musician and a violinist, Harish is the lead vocalist for Agam.
With his interest spanning across the myriad forms of music ranging from carnatic to
Hindustani to ghazals to sufiyana to asian underground, his compositions are an amalgamation of carnatic raagas with complex rhythm structures and time signatures
that define the character of Agam's music.

Harish has several years of experience as a solo musician and a studio artiste and has lent voice for innumerable radio jingles. With his soulful rendering, Harish has an innate talent to add creative dimensions to a song without altering the intended theme and the expressions at ease.

A R Rahman called his singing "Really fantastic!"

Ganesh Ram - Drums/vox
Ganesh is a self taught Percussionist. Ganesh's playing style is subtle & aesthetic
with an incredible abililty to play complex beat cycles with panache.
Ganesh grew up on a staple diet of south indian music and indian fusion, which shaped
his playing style which borrows heavily from the rhythm structures of south indian classical percussion instruments.

Ganesh also brings to the band his expertise as a live musician from the innumerable
stage shows that he has performed across India for many years."

Praveen Kumar - Guitar
Praveen (TPK) is the youngest member of the band. He is best known for
his unique chord patterns and the heavy distortion leads with a refreshing carnatic
hue. A modest and simple guy, Praveen is the key behind the rich and rounded
backgrounds and interludes that defines the signature Agam sound.
Apart from Guitars he is also a highly accomplished keyboardist & a hardcore Iron Maiden fan.

Suraj Satheesh - Acoustic Rhythm Guitars
Suraj brings in the refined acoustic texture to the compositions of Agam. Gifted with
nimble fingers, Suraj plays complex patterns with unmatched clarity without pedals. Despite his zen like mannerisms and calm demenour, Suraj can belt out mean leads that will keep you spellbound.
His motto - keep it clean & acoustic.

Swamy Seetharaman - Keys
Musician, poet, Keyboardist, Band manager – Swamy likes to don multiple
hats at the same time and does the same with un-paralleled panache.
An avid music lover with fascination for raaga’s and scales, Swamy is that key entity
that makes the music of Agam tick. An extremely talented poet, Swamy pens the lyrics for all the compositions of Agam.

Vignesh Laxminarayanan - bass/vox
Vignesh is the bass guitarist of Agam. A big enthusiast of jazz-style of playing
the bass guitar, he idolizes Victor Wooten. As a composer, he wishes to take Indian
classical music to a western paradigm by using ragas to produce complex musical schemes. A very progressive musician, Vignesh’s primary interest is in bringing out new musical flavors through unconventional beat patterns and meters. He is a thorough and an unbiased critic of music, a lucid thinker and a keen listener"

Shiva Nagarajan - percussions
Siva brings in immense value to the Rhythm sections and he can play a variety
of percussion instruments with precision. His vast experience in music significantly
influences agam’s music productions. Siva has accompanied renowned musicians like L.Subramaniam & has extensively toured the world..
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