Indian Ocean India Tour at Hard Rock Mumbai on Friday, 6th August


Over the last 21 years, this quartet from Delhi, India has attracted a huge following for its superb performance of original music that ranges from rocking political anthems to meditative spiritual ballads. The bands lyrics celebrate individual journeys to transform the self as well as collective struggles to change to world. These songs of liberation and redemption combine memorable melodies with compelling rhythm's that bring audiences to their feet even as they inspire the mind and soul.

Indian Ocean has performed in over 450 concerts across five continents they have had the honor of performing at such venues and festivals like:- -

Edinburgh Fringe festival (Pick of the fringe’01) - Trafalger Square, London - Inaugural concerts at the Melbourne (’02) and Perth (’03) - Sold out concerts in New Zealand (’02), Indonesia (’02), Singapore (’01, ’03), Germany (’04), Reunion (’04), Japan (’02) Recent triumphant ICCR tour of East Asia: China, Japan and Vietnam (’07) Along 600 concerts across India, including all the metros, playing in full range of audiences from Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Corporate Houses and stadiums. Indian Ocean has also done 5 American tours – 50 sold out concerts including the special 4th of July concert at the Smith Sonian folk life festival 2002. they have played at some of the most celebrated festivals like chico and some of the most famous venues like carnigie hall , BB king club in new york

Albums: Indian Ocean (’93)
Desert Rain (’97) – the only live album by an Indian Band
Kandisa (’00)
Jhini (’03)
Original sound track for the feature film Black Friday (’05)

Indian Ocean is the only band in India to have a documentary made on them which was released on cinema screens all across the country the docu titled “Leaving home” is the only music docu to have been given such national importance and exposure the film is slated to release in the USA in the coming months.

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