India's Emerging Rapper: KRSNA

The 23-year old Krishna Kaul has been rapping since the age of 13 in London, but he came into the spotlight a few years later when he took on his stage name of Young Prozpekt and sang about socio-political issues facing Indian society.
He is also the 1st rapper to sing in Hindi, as a means to get his message to the masses.

He released a song titled Vijay which brought to the fore the grim realities of child labor and poverty. This song and video has been made in collaboration with 'Save the Children', an international charity organization.
The video uploaded on Youtube received tremendous positive response. Speaking about the  upload he says, "I personally believe that music knows no caste, color, sex or any other distinction and therefore can’t be confined to a particular strata".

Another of his videos which has taken Youtube by storm and amassed 800 views within days of posting is Lokpal Freestyle, which touches on the issues of corruption of the Lokpal Bill.

Krishna Kaul then decided to go mainstream, taking on the name KRSNA and working on the release of his debut album "Sell Out" which has been produced in association with Contrabands.

KRSNA performed to packed houses on his multi-city tour covering Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad.
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43rd Founder's Day

Hard Rock Cafe- the iconic, rock-themed chain of restaurants was started in London, in 1971 by Americans Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton.
These guys and their friends, as many of their peers were fond of good food and rock concerts. London was  great place to be in, in the 70s- with a vibrant scene covering art, music, literature and fashion.
After attending live gigs which ran late into the night, most restaurants and cafes would be shut down.
So Peter and Isaac hit upon the idea of opening a place where you could just hang loose and 'be yourself'.

Eric Clapton, who had befriended Peter and Isaac was a regular at the restaurant which was opened in an unused care showroom. On one of their many evenings together, Eric Clapton jokingly suggested that maybe his guitar should be used to reserve his favorite table. In a light-hearted manner, it was agreed upon.
A week later, another guitar arrived from Pete Townshend of The Whos with a note that said "Mine is as good as his".

That started the world's largest collection of rock n' roll memorabilia, of music equipment, stage costumes, etc. from the icons and legends of the music world.
Who would have known that the desire of 2 shaggy-haired Americans for a good American-style burger would lead to the world's most loved and iconic chain of restaurants?

Hard Rock Cafes across 175 locations, in 53 countries celebrated the 43rd Founder's Day on 14th June in true Hard Rock-style with awesome music, lip-smacking food and signature cocktails.

The rest as they say, is history... 
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The Legends Are Back!

Hard Rock Cafe has long been known for its rocking music, delectable food, signature drinks and hospitality. It is a place where you can just let go, and 'be yourself'.
Whether with friends, family or your partner, Hard Rock Cafe's staff will make you feel totally at home.

HRC is also known for its juicy and succulent burgers. So here is one for all the foodies!
Presenting the Legendary Burger Festival, from 16th June- 13th July.
A festival which takes you on a rocking journey around the world with 9 exotic burgers.

From the sunny shores of the Caribbean, comes the Caribbean Veggie Burger: a flavorful spice mix with beans and sweet potato, topped with shredded spinach and chermoula dip.

Inspired by the world-renowned, white sand beaches of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan burger, in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. An assorted vegetable/chicken patty infused with Sri Lankan spices served with mozzarella and curry flavored aioli.

The by-lanes of Delhi coupled with generous helpings of rich, aromatic food brings you the Chicken Makhni burger. Smoked chicken laced with makhni sauce, topped with mint, red onion, cilantro, tomato and lime. This one's brings together the best of both worlds.

Who doesn't love Italian? Cheese is comfort food at its best and keeping that in mind, our chefs have crafted the Chicken Parmigiana Burger- a mustard marinated golden panko crusted chicken fillet, topped with spicy arrabiata and grated parmesan. Sounds incredible to us.

Not to leave the lovers of seafood behind, the Greek Shrimp Burger has a Greek spice infused patty topped with feta, jalapeno, olive and English cucumber which will leave you asking for more.

Thailand is known for its spicy, steaming, exotic flavors and all that comes together to bring you the Thai Chicken Burger consisting of a thick patty infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime and Thai curry paste, served with peanut sauce and Cheddar.

The best is saved for the last. The Kansas City Legendary Beef Burger has a beef patty with Cajun spice and BBQ sauce, topped with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.

There are also some exciting offers in store with a chance to win great prizes! So come over to Hard Rock Cafe and welcome the legends back!
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Love All, Serve All

Hard Rock Cafe has a long standing tradition of philanthropy. Our motto "Love All, Serve All" is more than just a line for us. We live by it every day by ensuring we give back to society in whatever ways possible.
Be it a tie-up with an NGO for the finale of Hard Rock Rising 2014, or treating less privileged children to a free meal to organizing a clean-up drive, we ensure we do our part.

One such activity was a special lunch for kids from the NGO Subhiksha, in Hyderabad.
The kids indulged in a fun and games session with the staff at Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad and gorged on some yummy food.
Nothing is as priceless as the innocent smiles of happy children. And these little kids sure made our day!

Another day saw us on a mission to support Quality Education.
18 teens from NGO Aide et Action were invited to Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru for a cricket screening.
Aide et Action is an international NGO which works towards imparting quality education to under-privileged children and teens.
The youngsters sure had a ball!

Only a rocking place can do for our rocking guests. So the staff at Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru decided to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty to conduct a clean-up drive outside the Cafe.
Not just content with cleaning up the place, we decided to call some graffiti artists to show off their spray painting skills. Adding to the excitement were some music and dance artists who livened things up with their performances.

Love All, Serve All. This is Hard Rock Cafe.
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Cricket Fever at Hard Rock Cafe

With the cricket season well underway, everyone in India seems to have been bitten y the cricket bug.
Hard Rock Cafe is known for it's rocking music, legendary food and hospitality. And we wanted to make this experience extra special for our guests by introducing special offers during the cricket season.

Introducing the Winning Combination! As the name suggest, an appetizing combination of specially crafted drinks and lip smacking appetizers available at special prices.

Our talented bar rockers bring some interesting mixes for you, keeping the cricket trends in mind and have appropriately named them "Rum Striker", "Power Play", "Stumped" and "Free Hit".

You can now cheer for your favorite team while enjoying the legendary Hard Rock Cafe experience.
Coupled with delectable drinks and starters and your favorite rock music, this cricket season is sure to be extra fun.

Now you don't have to worry about missing a single match or watching ball replays. Just come over to Hard Rock Cafe and soak in the season's excitement.   

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